Why Appoint an Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney NH for Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

Emergency Bankruptcy Filing In New Hampshire
September 18, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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Why Appoint an Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney NH for Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

Often times you may find yourself in a situation where you have to file for bankruptcy in a hurry. In order to assure that the steps of filing are complete and to carry out an emergency bankruptcy filing, you can take the help of a professional emergency bankruptcy attorney. Take a quick read of this article to understand the procedure of filing and why an attorney is required for the job.

To start off, you will first need a form 21 and also a form one voluntary petition. The combination of these two forms is known as an emergency bankruptcy in New Hampshire. Sometimes, you will even need to file a specialty cover sheet. This is to make sure that your files are processed.

Note that even with this cover sheet the processing may take at least 14 days. You will have to hire a specialist in bankruptcy petition preparation and a bankruptcy attorney to take care of the processing of these forms and to successfully complete your case.

The chief reason behind filing an emergency bankruptcy is to get access to the automatic stay immediately and to complete the majority of forms quickly. When filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be in effect. It can forbid any creditor from carrying out collection activities which can disrupt your finances. Sometimes, it becomes beneficial to avert these financial alterations from occurring with a bankruptcy filing.

After the initial forms are completed, you will have to complete your remaining documents and filing procedures within 14 days. Failing to do so will result in your emergency bankruptcy case being dismissed. You can file again for emergency bankruptcy but you will have to wait for 30 days before you get a chance to do so.

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