Emergency Bankruptcy Filing In New Hampshire

Why Appoint an Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney NH for Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?
October 3, 2017

New Hampshire Bankruptcy filing

Filing for bankruptcy in New Hampshire and filing for bankruptcy in New Hampshire in an emergency could potentially save you from a wealth of financial hardships. While many people are quick to dismiss the idea of filing for bankruptcy, the process can be quite easy with a bit of research.

Here are the top steps involved in filing for bankruptcy for New Hampshire:

Gathering paperwork: in order to appropriately file for bankruptcy you need to create a list of your current income sources as well as provide financial statements for the past two years. Having a record of the monthly living expenses, secured and unsecured debt as well as the property and assets that you own can get you started. These documents will prove that you have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy in the court: filing for bankruptcy with the help of an attorney will help you itemize the items including New Hampshire stanchions for real estate seizure. The forms collected in court will go through your current financial status as well as schedules for how you will repay your creditors. If you lie in any type of bankruptcy proceeding in New Hampshire it could jeopardize the chance that you could properly petition for bankruptcy or receive considerations from the judge for a breaking credit. The typical cost for filing for bankruptcy in New Hampshire is $306 for chapter 7 and $281 for chapter 13.

For chapter 13 bankruptcy you will need to submit some type of repayment plan alongside all of the correct forms. The plan must be delivered in good faith, all unsecured creditors will have to be paid out as if chapter 7 bankruptcy has been filed and all disposable income must be paid into the plan for at least three years to satisfy creditors.

About a month after you finish filing you will be brought into a first meeting with creditors which is rarely attended in the case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. During this meeting negotiations between debtors and debtor counsel will be made to establish an ongoing payment plan. Generally this is a very short meeting that takes place at the New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court directory locations and it handles the process of selling and distributing assets for repayment or establishing a repayment plan with disposable income.

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