Get in Touch with NH Bankruptcy Lawyer to Complete Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Organizing a divorce and bankruptcy, which should come first? Ask a New Hampshire Bankruptcy Attorney
October 11, 2017
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Get in Touch with NH Bankruptcy Lawyer to Complete Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

To successfully complete a full file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to complete a predetermined packet of forms. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you efficiently in conducting the process. Meanwhile, here are all of the forms inclusive of chapter 7 bankruptcy claims:

The base packet for forms is accessible on the website of US courts under bankruptcy forms.  You can either print out all the official forms or fill them out online.

For certain cases, you will need to fill a few additional forms in New Hampshire because of the local courts and their official rules. It can be found on the local courtroom page under the  courtlinks guide.

Depending on your case, you could be qualified to complete a form B3BA application in a waiver of the chapter 7 filing fee. It will save you the price of filing for bankruptcy in case you are not able to include this as part of your debt relief.

Other valid forms include the B101,B101A, B101B,B103A, B103B, B106, B106A/B, B106C, B106D, B106E/F, B106G, B106H, B106!, B106J, B106J2, B107, B108, B121, B122A-1, B122A1 Supp, B122A-2.

These forms will be there in the main packet. You just have to work through them to see which one is applicable to your case. In almost all the cases, you will find at least one small aspect in each form which you will need to complete. In case you lack code debtors, you will not qualify for an exemption. You may be able to skip through B106H and B122A1Supp.

The easiest way to deal with these forms is to get the help of a competent bankruptcy attorney or trustee. They can assist you in identifying those forms that you need to submit in court. They can even explain on which sections of the forms you need to fill in your personal information.

Contact a qualified NH bankruptcy lawyer now by visiting our site at You can also use our email contact to get in touch with us. Our office number is 603) 966-1921or remember to Fax us at (603) 842-4759.

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