About Christopher R. Burns

Christopher R. Burns is the principal attorney of Burns Legal Services. His practice includes all areas of family law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, landlord/tenant issues, estate planning, as well as criminal misdemeanor and felony charges. He has extensive experience in a number of courts settings to include the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Christopher was born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He graduated from Portsmouth High School and went on to attended the University of New Hampshire, where he received a dual degree in political science and international affairs with a minor in Russian language and literature.

Prior to attending law school, Christopher lived and worked in Moscow, Russia teaching English to native Russians matriculated in a UNESCO funded language program. With this special interest of language and his motivation to teach, he expanded his experience to teach English as a second language in Seoul, South Korea.

After working abroad, Christopher went to Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he served as an editor for the Poverty Law Journal and ultimately graduated with a Juris Doctor in civil law and certificates in common and international law. Following graduation from law school, Christopher returned home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where his family has lived for several generations.